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We offer paper covered copper wire available in various gauge sizes, including 12, 14, and 16 gauge, and is supplied in spools or reels.

Paper covered copper wire is a type of magnet wire that consists of a copper conductor insulated with a layer of paper.

Kraft Paper Covered Copper Rectangular Wire

Paper Covered Copper Magnet Wire for Oil Immersed Transformer Winding

Conductor Material: Copper (high conductivity copper or oxygen-free copper)
Insulation Material: Kraft paper or crepe paper
Temperature Class: Typically rated for a temperature class of 105°C or 120°C, although higher temperature classes may be available for specific applications
Voltage Rating: Varies depending on the specific application, but commonly ranges from low voltage to medium voltage
Coating Type: Single or multiple layers of paper insulation
Wire Shape: Round, typically with a solid or stranded copper conductor

Size, Length, and Wire Diameters:
Paper covered copper wire is available in different sizes and lengths to accommodate various applications and requirements.
12 Gauge: The diameter of 12 gauge wire is approximately 2.052 mm (0.0808 inches).
14 Gauge: The diameter of 14 gauge wire is approximately 1.628 mm (0.0641 inches).
16 Gauge: The diameter of 16 gauge wire is approximately 1.291 mm (0.0508 inches).
The length of paper covered copper wire can vary depending on the specific application and manufacturer. It is commonly supplied in spools or reels, and the length can range from a few meters to several kilometers, depending on the requirements.

The weight of paper covered copper wire depends on its length, diameter, and the specific density of the copper conductor. To calculate the weight of a particular length of wire, the cross-sectional area of the wire needs to be determined using the wire diameter. The weight can then be calculated by multiplying the cross-sectional area by the length and the density of copper.

Packing and Classification:
Paper covered copper wire is typically packed in spools or reels to facilitate storage, transportation, and handling. The specific packing method can vary depending on the manufacturer and the quantity of wire being supplied. Spools and reels can be made of plastic, wood, or metal, depending on the size and weight of the wire.

Paper covered copper wire can be classified based on various factors, including the wire gauge, temperature class, voltage rating, and insulation thickness. These classifications help ensure that the wire meets specific industry standards and is suitable for its intended application.

Use and applications:
Paper covered copper wire is widely used in numerous electrical applications, including but not limited to: motors, transformers, inductors,solenoid coils.

Surface Treatment and Coating:
In some cases, paper covered copper wire may undergo additional surface treatment or coating processes to enhance its performance or protect it from external factors. These treatments can include:
Varnish: After the paper covering is applied, the wire may be coated with varnish to further insulate the conductor and improve its resistance to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion.
Impregnation: The wire may undergo an impregnation process where it is immersed in a varnish or resin mixture. This process ensures that the paper insulation is fully impregnated, improving the wire's mechanical strength and resistance to environmental factors.
Overcoating: In certain applications, an additional layer of insulation may be applied over the paper covering. This overcoating can be made of materials such as enamel or synthetic resins, providing enhanced protection and insulation.
The specific surface treatment and coating processes can vary depending on the application requirements and the manufacturer's practices.

What is paper covered enameled copper wire?
Paper covered enameled copper wire, also known as paper-covered magnet wire, is a type of electrical wire that combines the insulation properties of paper with a layer of enamel coating on the copper conductor. It is commonly used in various electrical applications where excellent electrical insulation and thermal stability are required.
Paper covered enameled copper wire is commonly used in applications such as transformers, motors, solenoid coils, and various electromagnetic devices. It enables efficient electrical performance, reliable insulation, and mechanical durability. The specific gauge sizes, length, and other specifications of paper covered enameled copper wire can vary depending on the application and manufacturer's requirements.